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KIDWIN 2.4 Inches Display Camera

KIDWIN 2.4 Inches Display Camera

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Introducing the KIDWIN Camera, a vibrant and versatile companion for capturing precious moments in stunning clarity. Available in a spectrum of playful hues including Pink, Blue, Yellow, and Purple, this camera adds a touch of charm to every shot.

Equipped with a robust 610mAh battery, the KIDWIN Camera ensures extended shooting sessions without interruption. With a swift charging time of 2.0-2.5 hours, you'll be ready to seize the moment in no time.

Featuring a crisp 2.4-inch display, framing your shots and reviewing your footage is a breeze. Whether you're capturing timeless snapshots or recording memorable videos, the KIDWIN Camera delivers exceptional results.

With both front and rear cameras, enjoy the flexibility of capturing high-quality photos at 720P resolution and stunning videos at 1080P resolution. Every detail is preserved, every memory immortalized.

Language barriers are no obstacle with the KIDWIN Camera, offering support for a wide range of languages including English, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish, Chinese, and more - totalling 30 languages to cater to diverse users worldwide.

Included accessories such as a convenient sling, USB cable, and comprehensive user manual ensure a seamless experience from unboxing to capturing your first memories. Lightweight at just 265g and compact with dimensions of 987247 mm, the KIDWIN Camera is designed to accompany you wherever your adventures take you.

Presented in an attractive gift box measuring 13014055mm, the KIDWIN Camera makes for the perfect gift for aspiring photographers of all ages. Embrace creativity, capture joy, and relive cherished moments with the KIDWIN Camera - your faithful companion in preserving life's most precious memories.

Kidwin 2.4 Inch Display Camera will be delivered from our Overseas Warehouse BANGKOK - in Maximum 14 Working Days

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